Tomorrow is Veterans Day!
Somewhere a young man is walking with a pack on his back. His feet hurt but he doesn't have time to stop and adjust the sock that's balling up in his boot. The rifle that felt light an hour ago now weighs a ton. He's sweating, nervous, thirsty, hungry and tired.
If he's in this country then he's training to learn tactics that will keep him alive later.
If overseas he's hoping to have learned those tactics well, that they actually work, and wishing he had eyes in the back of his head. He tries not to think of it, but misses his family and hopes to go home soon.

On Veterans Day (and every other day for that matter) give a nod to the old man wearing a cap that says Army, Navy, Air Force or Marine. He may not want to share his life's story but will appreciate being acknowledged. A long time ago he was that young man who missed being home. He definitely remembers those days and sometimes they still keep him up at night.

On Veterans Day send a prayer for everyone overseas and remember there are people in places doing things that will never make the news. Every day young men and women are risking their lives to protect us here at home.

On Veterans Day let's honor those from the past and present. Also, give an appreciative smile to your little boy sitting across from you at the dinner table. His future is what those men and women are guarding. It's good to enjoy family time, just keep in mind that little boy of yours is here now, but growing fast and one day may become that young man walking with a pack on his back on feet that hurt....

Have a good and safe Veterans Day,

Bryan Smith

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