Rep. Mark Takano Releases Report on Poverty in the Inland Empire
Washington, DC –Rep. Mark Takano (D-CA) released a report today describing the impact of poverty on the Inland Empire and offering solutions that will help thousands of families escape the cycle of persistent poverty. The report, Why Being Poor Never Adds Up, reveals that despite low unemployment and robust growth in the region and across the country, many working families are still struggling.

Through a comprehensive review of regional data and economic trends, the report offers a window into the many challenges low-income families face, as well as the shortcomings of safety net programs. The report found:

More than 392,000 people in Riverside County live in poverty, including 142,844 children.
In Riverside County, Section 8 housing assistance only has funding for 8,500 families, while 20,000 families are on the waiting list.
A single parent of two is likely to find themselves $589 short of their expenses every month.

In response, the report includes several policy proposals that will ensure no one working full time is living in poverty. These include:
Raising the minimum wage to $15/hour.
Expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit and the Child Tax Credit to allow low-income families to keep more of what they earn.
Fully funding the Section 8 housing program, which gives children the stability they need to get a good education.

In releasing the report, Rep. Takano offered the following statement:

“Deep and persistent poverty in the Inland Empire and across the country is a crisis that directly challenges our economic system and our morality. This report is yet another reminder that we need to revise the rules of the economy so people who work full time are not living in poverty. There are no easy or simple solutions, but more than 140,000 children in Riverside County will wake up tomorrow under the cloud of poverty. We must commit ourselves to advance policies that help low-income families achieve economic stability.”

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